MBAER Bank - The Swiss Merchant Bank

The Bank with a Soul


Prof. financial pet
Chief Emotional Officer

Ellie joined MBaer Merchant Bank in December 2020.

She is our company dachshund and responsible for good humor. She is heavily involved in greeting the employees and in difficult moments Ellie is there to comfort and cuddle.

Key professional milestones

Ellie recently decided to pursue a new career in finance. In addition to operational duties such as floor screening she performs important guard tasks within the bank.

Previously, Ellie completed various training courses:

  • Detecting Rabbits in the burrow for advanced 
  • Workshop: Wagging without getting sore muscles
  • Professional eye technique to get treats
  • Master course: Quickly get lost when there is trouble


Ellie can bark extensively when needed to get attention and whine professionally when she is sad.

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