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Tanja Lindemann

Senior Banker

Tanja has been working at MBaer Merchant Bank since May 2020.

Her role is to handle complex commercial and private mandates and provide integrated advice for clients.

Tanja is also jointly responsible for developing new target markets.

Key professional milestones

Head of an Eastern Europe private banking department

Before Tanja joined MBaer Merchant Bank, she was Deputy Director and Head of the Eastern Europe Department at a boutique investment bank in Liechtenstein. Her responsibilities included:

  • management and strategic development of the department
  • handling complex mandates from Eastern Europe 

Senior Trust Adviser at a trust company

Before that, she worked as a Senior Trust Adviser at a well-known trust company in Liechtenstein, with the following responsibilities:

  • giving advice on setting up and structuring international mandates
  • ensuring due diligence and compliance with international structures

A career that began in an international environment

Tanja gained her first work experience at a number of major companies in Russia and Germany, including the following roles:

  • helping to set up an investment department at a law firm in Moscow
  • managing complex client mandates for a logistics company in Hamburg


  • Studied Law at the University of Hamburg, specializing in commercial and company law

Tanja speaks fluent German, Russian and English.

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