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Discretionary mandates

MBaer Active Indexing

The systematic use of passive investment instruments brings clear advantages with respect to diversification and costs. This does not have to be boring. With the MBaer Active Indexing mandate, part of the investment is invested in promising, future-oriented growth markets.

Identification of growth markets

Your investment strategy is implemented on the basis of the MBaer Indexing Mandate, but it is supplemented in the equity segment with some attractive growth areas:

  • Automation and robotics: Development of new technologies, automated procedures and sensor technology in the fields of industry, medicine, household technology and entertainment.
  • Biotechnology: Development of new or more efficient processes for producing chemical compounds and diagnostic methods in the fields of medicine, agriculture and industry.
  • Gaming & E-Sports: Strongly growing community in the field of online video games (in 2020 about 500 million players). Emerging virtual eSports leagues like LOL World Championship, car racing leagues etc.
  • Digital security: Protection of computer systems and defense against cyber attacks in a wide range of areas such as industry, the service sector and government.
  • Fisheries and aquaculture: Companies within the fish and seafood sector, with a strong bias towards organizations that generate positive long-term socio-environmental impacts.

Independent selection of investment instruments

As we do not offer our own products, our choice of investment instruments is independent and in accordance with a strict selection procedure with predefined parameters. Our most important selection criteria are the physical and close replication of indices, along with the minimum size, daily trading volume and domicile of the fund.

Systematically calculable opportunities for success

You will receive:

  • Systematic, long-term investment success as a result of the disciplined implementation of the investment strategy you have defined.
  • Positioning in areas and sectors that are of interest for driving future growth.
  • Continuous monitoring and review of your investments by independent, highly qualified investment experts.

«A classic approach, combined with interesting growth opportunities.»

We look forward to supporting you with this.

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