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Discretionary mandates

MBaer Compounding

The systematic use of passive investment instruments brings clear advantages with respect to diversification and costs. With the addition of liquid, alternative investments, the risk/return ratio is further improved.

Using the whole investment spectrum

Your investment strategy is implemented on the basis of the MBaer Indexing Mandate, but is supplemented with liquid, alternative investment instruments. This brings the following advantages:

  • The use of investment instruments which do not move with the general market, or only to a limited extent (low or negative correlation).
  • Reduction of interest rate sensitivity and the specific business risk for share investments.
  • Hedging of extreme risks and the use of capital protection instruments (tail-risk hedging).
  • Taking advantage of market anomalies and inefficiencies resulting from specific events or constellations.

Independent selection of investment instruments

As we do not offer our own products, our choice of investment instruments is independent and in accordance with a strict selection procedure with predefined parameters. Our most important selection criteria in the field of alternative investments are personal and long-standing contacts with fund managers and an in-depth understanding of the strategy being followed, along with the minimum size, daily trading volume and domicile of the funds.

Systematically calculable opportunities for success

You will receive:

  • Systematic, long-term investment success as a result of the disciplined implementation of the investment strategy you have defined.
  • The addition of alternative investments to further improve the risk/reward ratio and exploit market anomalies.
  • Continuous monitoring and review of your investments by independent, highly qualified investment experts.

«Use the entire range of investments to optimize risks according to the situation.»

We are happy to explain you more about it.

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