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Discretionary mandates

MBaer Indexing

Studies show that ultimately only 5% of actively managed funds outperform their benchmark in the long term. The reason for this is that active funds have higher fees than index funds and most investment markets are very efficient.

Planning for long-term investment success

By implementing your investment strategy with an MBaer indexing mandate, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Implementation based on passive index instruments, to reduce management fees and optimize long-term potential returns.
  • An investment strategy which is jointly defined in advance, providing a calculable range of risk and returns for your investments.
  • Consideration of all asset classes (such as liquidity, loans, shares and alternative investments).
  • Ongoing and systematic orientation of the portfolio based on our current market evaluation.

Independent selection of investment instruments

As we do not offer our own products, our choice of investment instruments is independent and in accordance with a strict selection procedure with clearly defined parameters. Our most important selection criteria are the physical and careful replication of indices, along with the minimum size, daily trading volume and domicile of the funds.

Systematically calculable opportunities for success

You will receive:

  • Systematic, long-term investment success as a result of the disciplined implementation of the investment strategy you have defined.
  • Optimized risk/reward ratios and minimized exchange rate fluctuations as a result of the high level of diversification of your investments.
  • Continuous monitoring and review of your investments by independent, highly qualified investment experts.

«MBaer Indexing is an cost-effective implementation of the modern portfolio theory.»

We are happy to explain you more about it.

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