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Live Ticker: Swiss-Raw is close to victory!

As a sponsor of the SWISS RAW team, we follow the toughest rowing race up close and cheer along with the team. We regularly share the most important events, race progress and emotions in this blog post. 

16.1.2022 - Finish in about 30 minutes!

Our team is close to victory. Still a few more miles to the finish. Watch the Swiss winning team cross the finish line on the livestream at the following link:

15.1.2020 - One more day to victory!

After 34 days of rowing against the forces of nature, the goal is near. Our team is expected in the Caribbean around Sunday noon. There are still 70 nautical miles to go, the next placed team is 100 nautical miles behind our boat.


We are informed that the team is well and motivated for the final sprint. It looks very much like our Swiss team will win the race. Never before has a Swiss team won the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

If one had to characterize the word "hero", attributes such as strength, speed, endurance, courage, focus, willingness to sacrifice, virtue and commitment for the team would probably be mentioned. We think it's appropriate to say, that SwissRaw combines all of these values. What a refreshing story in the current time of confusion and fear.

We are very proud of the team. We are following them on their last miles and look forward to their finish at dawn in Antigua (-5 hrs Swiss time).

Go SwissRaw, go!

11.01.2022, 28 days at sea – on a winning course!

SwissRaw has been in the lead since December 21, 2021, and is hence on track to win. However, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Swiss men's quartet is on the verge of winning the world's most challenging rowing race in dominant form. A few thousand rowing strokes are still lacking. The planned world record cannot be achieved. The weather system thwarts this goal.

The race itself is relatively calm at the time. For the first time in a long time, the weather has been more favourable for rowing. Fitting into the race stunningly: With a steel blue sky and a searing sun, the squad raced into a weather system that was not even visible on the weather maps. Blue sky and the sun on the left, black sky and water columns moving towards the boat on the right. There is also a severe headwind. The squad reacted quickly, increasing the stroke power to three rowers. The entire show lasted four hours, followed by a three-hour lull.

05.01.2022, 24 days at sea - we are winning!

For a little more than three weeks, Team Swiss Raw is in the middle of the Atlantic. "Our team" has rowed for almost 2'000 nautical miles (equivalent to 3'700 KM), about the distance from Zürich to Istanbul and back - and this with pure human power in only 24 days! 

The team is doing well and their motivation is still unbroken. The weather expert who plans their route praises the rowers: "I have never worked with a team that stuck so precisely to my plan. Speed increases, course changes, adjustments - there are no complaints or questions - they just get on with it and are doing their job." 

The team has now been unchallenged for more than two weeks. The next placed boat is 200 KM behind, which is about the rowing equivalent of 1.5 days. A comfortable lead for the last third. We are very proud of "our" team.

MBaer Siwss Raw 5

Most probably it will not be enough to beat the world record of 29 days and 14 hours. The weather Gods were not that favorable after all. Now they are fully focused on the victory. With their iron discipline this seems very realistic, but it is still a long way to go with many unpredictable factors. 

At this point we would like to point out that the team is rowing for a good cause. Not even their own costs are completely covered yet. Any surplus income will go to the children's charity “Kovive”. To do this, they have launched a crowdfunding effort. 

Learn more about the team, their preparation and the support project “Kovive” in the following YouTube video:

A contribution can be made easily with the following link:

Donate anonymously or grab a signed fan shirt and maybe qualify for a personal talk with the athletes after the crossing!

28.12.2021, 16 days at sea - In the middle of the Atlantic. Half time?

Amazing - Ingvar, Jan, Roman and Samuel have been rowing tirelessly for 16 days now. In the meantime, they have fought their way into first place and are continuously extending their lead. They currently have covered 1,318 nautical miles and rowed a daily average of 84 nautical miles (equivalent to 155 kilometers, factor of 1.85). There are still 1,477 nautical miles to go until to the finish.

MBaer Swiss Row Posi

The lead over the second-placed team is now around 60 nautical miles. That's almost a whole day of hard rowing!

Will it be enough for the world record they are aiming for? The previous world record from 2018 is 29 days 14 hours and 34 minutes. If one calculates the remaining distance by the previous daily average, about 17 days remain. But wind and weather have a big influence on the race. Everything still seems possible and we believe in our men on the boat with their outstanding skills and willpower.

Soon direct news from the boat will reach us again. How things are going with the team, the boat and their assessment, and whether the team will find a moment to toast the new year - we'll stay tuned.

MBaer Swiss Raw Team E

From left to right: Ingvar Groza, Jan Hurni, Roman Möckli and Samuel Widmer.

20.12.2021, Day 8 - From 16th place to 2nd place through pure power!

Our team has now been on the high seas for 8 days.  They row tirelessly with pure man power towards the Caribbean.  Except for some minor physical injuries, they are doing well. Their fighting spirit, willpower and morale are amazing! Yesterday a sailboat was nearby and the team had "contact" with the outside world, the first time since leaving the harbor.

Some teams, including our team "Swiss Raw", rowed more to the south to avoid a storm. However, the storm changed course and is hundreds of miles north again. Currently it is very calm with little swell and no wind. It might seem like an ideal weather situation but it is not what they are looking for. They would prefer some tail wind and some surf. The good news is that a trade wind is expected soon, helping our team to gain additional speed. During this lull, time was spent cleaning the boat, removing shells and other creatures sticking to the bottom.

"Our" boat has now advanced from 16th to second place despite taking a longer route. They have rowed 85 nautical miles (equivalent to 157 km) more than the first-place team, which chose a tighter line. We keep our fingers crossed that the race strategy will work out.  We are super proud of their performance - the race is on!

Positioning Swiss Raw

16.12.2021, 4 days at sea – weather, routes, and mishaps

Since the race began four days ago, 224 nautical miles have travelled. With a definite goal of breaking the world record in mind, the boys decided to take a slightly alternative path and row in 3:1 mode before the event began. On the other hand, the weather plays tricks and is rarely transparent. Nonetheless, the squad sticks to its strategy and continues to row on the course it has set for itself and is currently ahead. The crew can blame an unlucky wave on a minor first issue. The oarlock was destroyed, but it has since been restored! With that in mind, keep up the excellent work!

12.12.2021, 0 days until start – Let's go

Welcome to the #TWAC2021. The toughest rowing event in the world has just started – and the Swiss team, SWISS RAW, got off to a flying start. This year, 36 teams from 13 countries are rowing 3,000 miles (ca. 4,828 km) across the Atlantic. As a sponsor of SWISS RAW, we wish the young team the best of luck.

10.12.2021, 2 days until start – Race Tracking

You want to know how the teams are doing on the high seas? With the “YB Races” app, you can follow the race live. Download the app from the Google Playstore or Apple Store. Have fun tracking the races! 

07.12.2021, 5 days until start – Watering

The boat is in the water. The final preparations have been successfully completed. The SWISS RAW team will use the last days for technical adjustments and calibrations on the boat, inspections, meetings, and training.

MBaer – SWISS RAW – final preparation

MBaer – SWISS RAW – final preparation 

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