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Discretionary mandates

MBaer Swiss Dividends

The Swiss share market pays higher dividend returns than other developed countries. In addition, foreign investors benefit from the stable Swiss economic system and the strong Swiss franc.

Stability and calculable returns

Your investment strategy is implemented using  carefully selected  Swiss quality stocks. Our essential selection criteria are:

  • Swiss companies with a solid balance and revenue situation and a proven business model.
  • Regular, calculable distributions in the form of dividends so that your investment provides constant revenues.
  • Investment in a stable economic system with low inflation, associated with a strong currency.
  • Low costs due to direct investments in Swiss quality stocks and transparent traceability of share price development.

Independent selection of companies

The shares are chosen on the basis of a systematic selection process with predefined parameters. Our most important selection criteria in the field of direct investments are the financial situation of the company, the sustainability of the business model and an assessment of the quality and continuity of the management.

Systematically calculable opportunities for success

You will receive:

  • An attractive share portfolio consisting of Swiss dividend pearls providing regular revenue, allowing you to finance your expenditure.
  • Investment in a stable economic system with low inflation, associated with a strong currency.
  • Continuous monitoring and review of the company by independent, high-quality investment experts.

«Regular income with swiss quality shares. A successful approach since decades.»

We are happy to explain you more about it.

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